Philosophy and Teachings of Surak

Surak's ancient IDIC
Ancient IDIC artifact, designed and worn by Surak — picture courtesy of Mike Okuda

The sayings, wisdom, and teachings of Surak; and those attributed to him after his death; play an extremely important part in Vulcan culture and society. Although all Vulcans do not follow his teachings in the same manner and some have even rejected his teachings, the vast majority of Vulcans revere Surak above all other vulcans past or present. It is unlikely this will ever change as long as an advanced culture lives on T’Khasi. Recent information has shown that selected items from Surak’s teachings, approved by the government, are even taught in Romulan society!

One of the most important philosophies to come from Surak’s teachings was the concept of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) or Va’Vuhnaya s’Va’Terishlar in Traditional Golic Vulcan. Most followers of the teachings of Surak are believers of this concept. As recognition of that fact, these adherents will wear or display the famous IDIC symbol designed by Surak. Many non-Vulcans have adopted this belief and the symbol as well.

—Mark R Gardner, The Vulcan Language, p. 299