Discovery Chronology

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The Girl Who Made the Stars
The Girl Who Made the Stars


“The final frontier.

“Above us; around us; within us – we have always looked to the stars to discover who we are.

“A thousand centuries ago in Africa, the ǀXam Abathwa tribe gathered to share a story: The tale of a girl who dug her hands in the wood ash and threw it into the sky to create the Milky Way. And hidden there, a secret, buried among the eternal stars, was a message – an enormous letter in a bottle made of space and time, visible only to those whose hearts were open enough to receive it.”

– Michael Burnham

The Girl Who Made the Stars (2230 Short Treks season 2 episode)

The Brightest Star (2239 ST season 1 episode)

Drastic Measures novel 2246

The Way to the Stars 2249

Fear Itself novel 2252

(? really snw; Q&A 2253)

The Cage 2254

Desperate Hours novel 2255

U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031
U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031 by Jace Ridley

Related to Season One: Micellium Running
Discovery Season 1. 2256-2257

The Escape Artist (2250s; after 1×07 but before trip to mirrorverse)
Runaway 2257 between season one and two

Dead Endless novel 2257

Die Standing novel?

Related to Season Two: Alice in Wonderland; also refer to girl who Made the Stars (above) and The Cage (above)
Discovery Season 2. 2257-2258

Calypso ~3187 (“almost 1,000 years”); ST; a glimpse at the original backstory/origin of Zora and Book, but the story arc details were changed after this episode was released: Originally, Michael and the crew of Discovery were to go to the future without the ship. But the “Craft” character was later refined, renamed “Book”, and recast. Discovery’s journey to the future was shortened (ie the crew ended up taking the ship with them), leading to Zora also needing a new origin for her later (re-)appearance in Season 2.

Discovery Season 3. 3188-3189


Wonderlands novel somewhere in Season 3

Somewhere To Belong novel

Discovery Season 4. 3190

Somewhere to Belong
Somewhere to Belong